• Nasrimah R. Sampaco


by Director Aliah P. Cali-Pascan, J.D., MPA, Sh.L.

Some activities completed by Prof. Mujahida Ameenah D. Sharief and Nasrimah R. Sampaco

References: Annual Report compiled by IREO and University Newsletters


In summary, the achievements of MSU President Habib W. Macaayong in 2016 to 2019 are:

1. He has set the direction of the Mindanao State University System in the improvement of the seven elements of the University, namely: a. Faculty, b. Students, c. Academic Programs, d. Administration Support, e. Operational Security, f. University Facilities, and g. System and Policies. There are developments along these lines.

2. In the development of facilities, the University purchased three buses and gets additional two buses through donation by The Victory Liner from Metro Manila. It has provided service vehicles for all the Colleges and for all the University Officials. It has completed all the infra buildings left unfinished by the past administration. It has acquired three more new infra projects, namely the Maranaw Cultural Heritage Center, the Faculty Housing, and the International Livelihood Center and Dormitory. To be constructed early 2020 is 400-bed Student Dormitory donated by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

3. The MSU President also was able to defend MSU Marawi City from the Marawi siege of 2017. The Operation of MSU since then is very vibrant and peaceful.

4. President Macaayong sustained MSU System as the University of Peace as it has been known since the past decades. To strengthen this, he facilitated the offering of one course, FPE 101-Fundamentals of Peace Education since early of 2018, taken by all students in MSU System Campuses, including the training of faculty members who are teaching FPE 101. The objective is to produce graduates who are not only competent in their fields but also eager law-abiding citizens and equipped advcoates of peace.

5. The President also received for the MSU students scholarship grants from TES of CHED, from DOST, from DBP and from Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

6. The MSU President has promoted the Internationalization and Linkaging Programs of the University. There have

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