Core Values of MSU-Main Campus

Derive from the MSU Charter Mandate, MSU-Main is a community characterized by UNITY IN DIVERSITY motivated with the following core values:

  1. MUTUAL RESPECT: The University stakeholders and constituents respect and understand individual regardless of race, culture, and religion.

  2. SERVICE ORIENTEDNESS: The University stakeholders provide efficient and effective services.

  3. UNITY AND TEAMWORK: The University stakeholders collaboratively exercise in all aspect in accordance to national and global standards, interlink with colleagues and in other academic institutions, government, and industry through sharing and collaboration of knowledge expertise and skills towards career development and job placement.

  4. MULTICULTURALISM WITH MEANS-TESTED BENEFITS: Acceptance and tolerance of other cultures geared towards social welfare and development.

  5. ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: The University maintains its highest standard of excellence both in academic and service performance as it is mandated through instruction, research, extension, community services, peace development, innovations, production, entrepreneurship, and globalization.

  6. INTEGRITY AND TRUSTWORTHINESS: The University leads with Transparency, Respect, Understanding, Service and Teamwork (TRUST) in upholding public trust. Different activities are or will be performed with the highest standard of honesty, accountability and transparency.

  7. NOBILITY AND PROFESSIONALISM: The University ensures strong camaraderie’s among stakeholders, intellectual discourse among other colleagues is encouraged upholding the great ideals of ethical behavior and genuine understanding with each other.

Core Values

To make a difference

Did you know the Mindanao State University was formerly known as University of Mindanao? and The first professors were foreigners? 

Did you know the Mindanao State University was modeled after the Univsersity of the Philippines?

That explains why it resembles the prestigious university!